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How 2013 changed the way we view thechnology

What exactly does "personal computer" mean these days? Is it a computer at all? The way we use technology is changing and adapting faster than a lot of us might appreciate or even understand. You can now check your mail or see what's happening on Facebook while walking and talking to someone at the same time. Mobile devices are used for shopping and banking to the point where they are about to become the dominant form of online presense. Here are the new trends that have gathered speed in 2013 and hint at what's to come in the coming year.


Earlier this year, a Bitcoin was worth $13 . Now costs over $1,000, and its' price fluctuates wildly. Digital currency which is not regulated by any state and is available online only raises very many questions among financial experts.

Self-driving cars

What was a pure science fiction until recently, is now the subject of a very real and fierce competition - who will release the first truly autonomous vehicle. Google, Daimler, Nissan and Continental all participate in the race. Fantastic seem possible. It is expected that some legal and technical obstacles to be soon be removed and such cars will be on sale no later than 2020 with Individual elements of these new technologies rolled earlier in luxury models.

Household appliances on the web

It's been a few years since articles about dishwashing machines that can be remotely programmed started popping up on the internet. Today every appliance seems to be capable of doing so. Over the next few years 50 billion devices will be connected and online - this being a modest forecast .

Google glass, smart watches

"Portable" computer already has a whole different meaning. Look no further than Goolge's glass. In 2014, the use of such devices will be increasingly wider. Lookout Galaxy iWatch is around the corner!

The ever expanding Cloud

After the exponential development of storage solutions, the "Cloud" is likely to take the next step - moving it all on the cloud. A few gigabytes where you can save your photos and your music is not a novelty anymore. Your Windows PC on an iPad just might be!

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