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Skype Professional Account Preview

Microsoft has just announced the upcoming release of a Skype Professional Account desktop client. Due to launch in the US as a preview very soon, this is a business-focused build of Skype that offers a host of extra features. Skype Professional Account will target small business owners and instructors. Skype Professional Account will allow them to do their online business easier with new features like meetings, payments, notes support and more.

An instructor who uses a combination of different platforms online to give sessions across Skype. They use an email to arrange a Skype call, calendar software like Outlook to manage their Skype meeting schedule, and a third-party provider like PayPal to coordinate and accept online payments. Microsoft’s new Skype Professional Account will allow users to do all these tasks from one app.

Microsoft says that Skype Professional Account will also include enhanced profile pages that include a dedicated website for small businesses within Skype, complete with details like hours and business offerings. Of course, Skype's calling, is supported as well.

The new Skype Professional Account version will let small business owners and freelancers book meetings and accept payments all within the same tool, instead of third-party alternatives. It’s not clear if Microsoft intends to run this as a free service once the preview is finished, but testers can sign-up to try it out over at Microsoft’s Skype homepage.

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